Today, as I sit in chemotherapy with my incredible wife and about 20 other cancer patients at Florida Cancer Institute, I’m reflecting on how “lucky” I’ve been throughout my life. I’ve survived lightning strikes, serious head injuries, broken bones, car accidents, many burning buildings as a volunteer firefighter, driving NASCAR solo at Atlanta Motor Speedway, whitewater rapids on the Chattooga River and other stuff that I don’t want my Mom or kids to know about 😉 The Lord has clearly preserved and prepared me for this cancer journey. He determines all of our longevity.

In the chemo treatment room today, I see patients from every walk-of-life, affluent, dependent, very old, too young, terminal, funny, grouchy, determined, defeated, dedicated, anxious and peaceful. The full gamut of the human experience.

I don’t want to waste my cancer. I know that my experience is meant to be shared. Those who know me, know that I’m a private person that prefers to encourage over promoting oneself. Since I know God doesn’t make mistakes, He must have chosen me to for a specific reason. He has a plan for each of us.

We began this morning dropping the boys off for school, quick breakfast, at 9:15am for blood draw in the phlebotomy room, vital signs (BP, temp., pulse), weighed, medical oncology examination/consultation with Dr. Robbins, then IV (Aloxi & Prednisone), two Amifostine injections (ouch!), chemo drugs (Taxol & Cisplatin). Lisa brought me fruit salad, olive oil sea salt almonds, Raisinettes and chocolate covered pretzels and green tea. Chemo should be over just in time for radiation. Basically, I get bolted to a table by the mesh head mask for about 10-15 minutes five days a week @ 2:10pm (most days). Tomorrow, I plan to attend my monthly C12 meeting at Tampa Palms Country Club. I’ll need to leave early ($10.00 fine) to get radiation back in New Port Richey.

Thankfully, on Saturday I had just enough energy to take my three sons and their friend Luke to All Pro Dad at Raymond James Stadium to listen to Tony Dungy and the Family First team. It was a great experience.

Well, it’s now 2:40pm radiation is over and we are going for an early Sushi dinner (the steroid makes me very hungry).

Whew, one week and one day down, less than seven weeks to go.

Press on friends!

Below is a picture that I shot today with my iPhone of the ceiling directly above the radiation table. The lasers are used for alignment.