Thankful & Blessed

Wow! Finally able to work a full week, albeit shorten hours. Fatigue and pain have lessened throughout the week.

Digital Lightbridge acquired new business and new ministry opportunities this week. Our friends at Cornerstone brought the entire staff a wonderful lunch on Thursday. We enjoyed their fellowship and warm hospitality.

I also received a UPS package of incredible books and cancer resources from former Major League Baseball player and author Dave Dravecky.

Our three sons had a great time on Spring Break at Green Key Beach, canoeing on the Chassahowitzka River, disc golf and movies with their grandparents and friends.

Next Tuesday, we visit with the oncologist and begin radiation on my face and neck. My scars are healing enough to begin the treatments and I’ve gained 9 pounds in anticipation of losing quite a bit of weight during the eights weeks of treatment. Ironically, next week (April 12-19, 2010) is Head & Neck Cancer Awareness Week. A month ago, I wouldn’t have cared or known that cancer that arises in the head or neck region is sixth-most-common form of cancer in the United States. If you discover a lump or bump, please get it checked out immediately.

Being an entrepreneur and employer for the past nine years, has typically allowed me to be in a position to give and provide. I truly enjoy serving and leading my staff, their families, clients and strategic partners. I have been overwhelmed with the generosity, compassion, acts of kindness, and selfless-love lavished upon me, my family and company since my diagnosis of Stage IV Carcinoma ex pleomorphic adenoma (CxPA). Receiving these blessings has increased my faith. Thank you dear friends for everything.

At the conclusion of my 31st day of surviving cancer, I am feel thankful and blessed.

Press on! Love, Rich