One more…

Wednesday marked eight weeks since I was diagnosied with cancer. Wow, we’ve survived three surgeries and the first three weeks of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Lisa is my encourager, coach, nurse and protector. She truly is a Proverbs wife (Proverbs 18:22). The boys have patiently allowed me to heal, rest and keep me laughing. I’ve installed an incredible board of directors and a world-class president for Digital Lightbridge. I have my legal and financial obligations in order. My beloved staff is executing their responsibilities with excellence and exceeding client expectations. Our friends have given us energy to fight and endure this strange season in our lives.

We’ve met many hurting people throughout our travels in and out of medical offices who not only seem to have no hope they appear to only focus on their disease. I thank the Lord that He is allowing me to have the perspective that He is in control and is working out His purposes in, with and through me (and most of the time and I an obstinate servant). I’m glad He uses me anyway.

Late next week, I’ll be spending the night at Mease Countryside Hospital to have a feeding tube procedure. Typically, that’s an outpatient surgery, but due to my unique, internal neck anatomy (post neck dissection) they want to monitor me a little closer. The feeding tube is to help with the esophagus irritation that I am experiencing due to the daily radiation treatments. My weight is presently stable but food is increasing becoming a challenge.

I’m very glad to have the weekend to rest without doctor’s visits, injections or “the mask”.

Thank you to everyone who encourages me and my family with your random acts of kindness!

Love, abide and press on, Rich