Another Update…

Here is the oldest update from Lisa:

Rich has been running a 101.9 fever since about 2pm. The Dr. says this is not normal.
Please pray that this goes down…
On a praise- Rich got out of bed for about 5 minute walk. He was so tired after, but it was great to see.
He was finally starting to really sleep as I left tonight.
He has a full day of visitors, 25 to be extact! He is very loved. We are so thankful for all of your love, prayes and support! You are all wonderful Brothers and Sisters in the Lord and this is a true example of fellowship and serving each other in Christ’s Love.

And then this update is from about 10:00 a.m. this morning:

Thankfully Rich’s temp is now normal. When I came in this morning he sat in a chair for a little while-what a great site! It’s surreal to be on the cancer floor however a really neat thing is every time a baby is born a baby tune plays. What a wonderful reminder that God is good!

And this update is from about 4 hours ago.

Rich was just moved to a private room and a Rich sized bed-so wonderful!!! Now on to the food huddle. He has to eat before he can leave and be able be to swallow pills.

So… Things are looking up for our friend Mr. Rich!  Let’s keep praying that God does his thing.  Haven’t heard anything about the Doctor’s report yet, but as soon as we do, we’ll get something posted.

Your words of encouragement have been a great blessing to Rich, Lisa, and the boys.  Keep them coming and…

Press On!