Biopsy & 2,190 Days

Hey friends,

In July, during what has now become routine visits with my surgeon, Dr. Steiniger and his staff were finishing the exam and just about to say “See you in six months…”, when he said “Oh, that doesn’t look normal and hasn’t been there before.” He said I had a very unusual, large lesion on my jaw behind my back right, bottom teeth. For a month, we treated the lesion with a topical steroid. During the 30-day follow-up exam, the oral lesion did not respond to the treatment and much appeared larger. He recommended that we schedule an excisional biopsy. I prayed for a moment and said “How quickly can we do it?” Dr. Steiniger paused and then said to his assistant, “Let’s prep Richard and do it now.” Topical anesthesia, several injections into the jaw and then the abnormal tissue was surgically removed. Then comes the waiting. Thankfully, I was immediately flooded with reminders of God’s faithfulness and purposes in every trial that we experience.

After a week of waiting for the results, early this morning, Dr. Steiniger called my cell phone and said… “Cancer-free!” The area will heal normally within a few weeks.

Cancer-free for six years (or 2,190 days)!!! Each day is truly a special gift.

Our three sons Chandler, Mitchell and Tristan are back in school, college student, high school senior, and fourth-grader!

Over the several years, we have foster-parented forty-eight different children. Some of the kids simply spend the night with us after their parents’ arrest. A few have stayed with us for a few weeks until a relative makes accommodations for them. We had the joy of raising two brothers for three years. Thankfully, they were adopted last year into their incredible forever family. We miss them and think of them daily. Thankfully, we see them on Facebook and in-person regularly which always makes our day.

The incredible team at Digital Lightbridge continues to be blessed with many new and exciting organizations to serve, brand and guide towards success. Last April, Digital Lightbridge celebrated its 15th anniversary!

With my best friend John Faulkner we published the 14th issue of TwoTen Magazine! It is a simultaneous print and digital (web & iPad) publication aimed to challenge business leaders to manage their organizations from a Christian perspective and improve their effectiveness. The covers have featured Coach Tony Dungy, Tim Tebow, Dr. Ben Carson, Rev. Billy Graham, Willie Robertson, Shannon Bream, Gary LeVox, David Green and Dina Dwyer-Owens. It’s been very exciting traveling the country and telling the stories about what God does through His people.

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged Lisa, my boys and me during this strange, horrible, wonderful and incredible journey, especially over the past six years.

Love and press on, Rich