Significant Milestone

Hey friends,

Drumroll please… It’s three-years today (August 30, 2010) since my medical oncologist; Dr. Robbins first told Lisa and me that I’m “100% cancer-free”. Last week I had a routine PET-CT scan and yesterday received the results and examination from Dr. Hochman. I try not to take this ‘miracle’ lightly. Every day, every moment, every interruption, every relationship and every opportunity to serve someone else comes from the God who created the universe.

Overall, my energy-level and strength continues to improve.

Our three sons Chandler, Mitchell and Tristan are back in school, high school senior, freshmen and first grade! When I was first diagnosed, not seeing Chandler graduate was a real possibility.

Over the past two years, we have foster-parented 36 different children. Some of the kids simply spend the night with us after their parents’ arrest. A few have stayed with us for a few weeks until a relative makes accommodations for them. We had the joy of having two brothers for about a year.

In August 1998, Lisa and I built and moved into a new home. A few weeks ago, through a series of amazing circumstances including an online real estate auction, we moved. We call the home the Second Chance Ranch. It will significantly help us foster-parent more effectively.

Thankfully, my incredible team at Digital Lightbridge continues to be blessed with many new and exciting organizations to serve, brand and guide towards success. Last April, Digital Lightbridge celebrated its 12th anniversary.

Lisa and I have started a foundation called CXPA Cancer Foundation. Its goal is to distill and provide relevant information, encouragement and hope to cancer patients and their caregivers.   Please check it out and let us know what you think:

Last year, my best friend John Faulkner and I co-founded a national magazine called TwoTen. It is a simultaneous print and digital (web &  iPad) publication aimed to challenge business leaders to manage their organizations from a Christian perspective and improve their effectiveness. The covers have featured Coach Tony Dungy, Tim Tebow, Dr. Ben Carson and Billy Graham. It’s been very exciting traveling the country and telling the stories about what God does through His people.

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me, Lisa and my boys during this strange, horrible, wonderful and incredible journey.

Love and press on, Rich