Apollo 13 & Cancer

One hundred and sixty days ago, I was diagnosed with stage IV carcinoma ex pleomorphic adenoma (CxPA) cancer. My health care team performed three aggressive surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy and other targeted therapies. Over the past several weeks, since initial treatments concluded, I’ve been waiting to physically heal enough so I could get tests to determine if the cancer is gone. This week, I had a two medical examinations, blood work, PET and CT scans. On Monday, August 30th I’ll receive the results, prognosis and next steps.

I love the 1995 Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon and Bill Paxton movie Apollo 13. It’s a documentary style movie about the near lost of the three astronauts from the 1970 NASA mission to the moon. “Houston, we’ve had a problem” is a classic line from that event. Over the years, I’ve called times in my life when I had to wait to see if something was going to turnout the “Apollo 13 Principle”. The Apollo 13 Principle is essentially that awkward feeling when we don’t know how something will come out and when we are not in full control of the process.

Neither mission control or the astronauts were in full control when the spacecraft lost radio communication and was traveling on the dark side of the moon. Thankfully, Gene Kranz, Flight Director, led his team to a successful conclusion.

I am confident that Jesus Christ, who causes all thing to work together for good for those who love him, will be glorified in whatever the outcome may be (Romans 8:28).

On another note, reconstruction is in full swing at Digital Lightbridge. The new space, upgrades and improvements will provide our amazing clients, employees and business partners with a great, unique experience when the work is complete.

Two weeks ago, Chandler began high school and Mitchell started middle school. Lisa has them off to a great start. Our foster son is enrolled in a nice preschool and a program at a local elementary school. God continues to protect him for his birth-parents by keeping them incarcerated.

Today, the boys are shooting another “Army” movie in the backyard and Lisa served women in an domestic violence shelter. Tonight, we are taking friends out to dinner.

We all have Apollo 13 moments in our lives, times when we absolutely have no control over a situation. That’s the perfect time to patiently wait upon the Lord to perform a miracle.

Press on my friends, Rich

4 thoughts on “Apollo 13 & Cancer

  1. I received the PRAISE GOD AND HALLELUJAH NEWS yesterday. CANCER FREE!!!!!! We serve an awesome God. Now I pray that your pain can be dealt i

    • obviously I didn’t finish. I pray that your pain can be dealt with. I’ll be praying to that end.

      For your info. At present we have 63 tables of 10 forLifeCare’s Gala. The Gala is underwritten except for $500. Things are looking good.

      Thank you for sharing your heart.

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