Technology & 25%

Today, Lisa and I went to the International Plaza and I purchased an iPad, this model was released yesterday. It will enable me to Blog and communication more regularly (and it’s very cool). I continue to be able to eat well with the aid of a terrible tasting, very expensive but amazingly effective mouth rinse called Caphosol. I’ve also begun to apply daily a topical emulsion to my face called Biafine to help with the redness and soreness caused by the radiation treatments. Yesterday was day 10 of the 40 day program! We are twenty-five percent completed with chemotherapy, injections and radiation. While at the mall we had a great lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. At the Apple Store we meet a great Mac Specialist named Steve Fidrych who is pushing through his own physical challenges beautifully. I hope to speak with him again soon. My energy has been good today. Last week it was very low, which is very frustrating to me. Thankfully, Lisa and the boys have allowed me to heal and recover from the treatments with great support. I love ’em!

Have a great evening and Sunday friends!

Press on, Rich

3 thoughts on “Technology & 25%

  1. You had great energy on Sunday Rich! It was a relief to see, and I had a wonderful time with you, Lisa and the kiddies; as always. See you again soon! Love you!

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